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About Us
Kane and Debbie Francetich photo   Kane & Debbie Francetich

We're a couple of laid back property owners that enjoy what we do and have a little fun while we're doing it.

We have a small number of properties in Moscow, Idaho which means that our tenants and their homes get the attention that they deserve.

Debbie enjoys doing home improvement and remodeling projects. She also enjoys stock trading, gourmet cooking, and spoiling young kids. Finding a nice antique will brighten her day, as will finding a juicy rasberry in her garden.

Kane enjoys real barbeque and a hearty beer (usually together). He seeks out spicy foods and sauces in an effort to keep warm. He listens to classic vinyl while drinking single malt scotch. And he's pretty good with computers too.

Both Kane and Debbie take great pride in their three adult children, all of whom are graduates of the University of Idaho.